The Royal Game of Ur is a 5000 year old game that was rediscovered in the early 20th century in what is now south Iraq.

In the 80's a curator at the British Museum, manage to translate a clay tablet which included the play rules, thus allowing us to recreate this ancient game.

On this site you can play The Royal Game of Ur for free against a friend or against the PC.

The rules of The Royal Game of Ur are as following:
1) The goal of the game is to move all 7 rocks to the end of the board. Each player has his own path that intersect common path.
2) Like in the original game, there are 4 four-sided dice with two of there corner painted white. The sum of up facing white corners is the number of move you need to do.
3) If you occupy a title that already occupied by the other player, his rock return to the start.
4) The flower title gives you an extra turn.
5) The flower title in the common path provide protection for the rock that on it.
6) You cannot occupy a title that is already occupy by you or protected.
7) If you have legal moves - you mast move.
8) If don't have legal moves - you loose your turn.

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